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Joe Johnson Has a Very Large Carbon Footprint

Joe Johnson's Super Truckjoe-johnson-supertruck1

You simply must head over to and check out Tre Baker's post about Joe Johnson's cute little ride, a six-door Ford F650 Super Truck XUV. After reading the details and looking at the photos, we have to wonder if global warming would be completely halted if Joe would switch to a more fuel-efficient set of wheels.

Some of our favorite details, courtesy of Mr. Baker: "[The truck] has front and rear cameras, three flatscreen televisions, a train horn and a seat that folds out into a bed ..." Also, it holds a mere 200 gallons of diesel fuel. And the price? Well, you'll just have to head over to ArkansasSports360 to find out.

[By the way, once we sell our syndication rights, look for John and I to be driving around Oakland and Atlanta, respectively, in Super Trucks. That's just how we're gonna roll.]