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Checking in on Marcus Monk

Bill Smith/

It's no secret that we're Marcus Monk fans here at Razorback Expats, and our entire staff is rooting for him to carve out a decent NFL career after what he gave up to return to Arkansas for his senior year.

Although anyone picked in the late 7th round usually faces long odds in actually making the team, Monk has already impressed some people during his time with the Chicago Bears. The Windy City Gridiron blog quotes a article, saying "Monk, meanwhile, caught everything in sight from the get-go, according to one close observer. 'He could be a serious sleeper. He doesn’t have a lot of speed, but his size (6-4, 222) and hands could make him a real red-zone weapon.'"

My favorite link is this thread on a Bears message board in which a group of Chicago superfans try to one up each other with Monk-related superlatives. It's all a little tongue-in-cheek, to be sure, but is a fun read nonetheless...definitely check it out.

Getting back to reality, though, Blog Down notes that most NFL teams carry six receivers on their roster and the Bears currently have eight. And this article from today's Chicago Tribune examines the fates of the Bears' second-day draft choices and barely gives Monk a mention.

What happens next? Our intrepid team of investigators is on the case, so we'll keep you posted. Stay tuned...