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Thursday Hodge Podge

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• Forward Michael Sanchez, who redshirted last season and will be a freshman this fall, is starting and playing pretty solid ball for a team of college players that is touring China. Who knows what the competition is really like - and it's not like Sanchez is setting the world on fire - but it's got to be good for him to get a chance to shake off the rust.

• Why does John McDonnell hate America?

• Check out for a funny take on the latest episode in the long-running "Razorbacks in Jail" saga. And once you get to that page, be sure and click on the Corey Beck link. If you do, you'll notice that Corey is tipping the scales at nearly 270 pounds these days! We shudder to think what his good friend and Expat fav Dwight Stewart now weighs.

• Harry King examines what the Atlanta Falcons' signing of draftee Matt Ryan means for Darren McFadden as well as the short life expectancy of NFL running backs.

• In honor of the NBA playoffs, we present this pop quiz: Name the four former Razorbacks who have won NBA championships. First one with the correct answer wins an all-expenses-paid trip to the beautiful Sandals Grande Antigua resort.*

(* - not true)