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Ho-Hum ... Another Hall of Fame for Frank

Photo by Wesley Hitt. Taken from

"Hi, my name is Frank (some call me 'Frank of the Ozarks'). I'm mostly retired now, do a little consulting every now and then. Over the years, my hobbies have included raising jaw-dropping amounts of money to build world-class facilities for the University of Arkansas athletic teams, going to the Masters every year, meddlin' with the Razorback football program, feuding with Nolan Richardson, and - oh yeah - getting inducted into Halls of Fame."

If you haven't heard, Frank Broyles will be inducted into his ninth Hall of Fame in early June, when he enters the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics Hall of Fame. Love him or hate him, the honor is richly deserved. In addition to engineering the move from the SWC to the SEC and overseeing the construction of a number of top-notch facilities, Broyles' resume includes the following items, courtesy of Bob Holt of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

"Broyles was Arkansas’ athletic director from 1973-2007 and oversaw a program that won 43 national titles (42 in cross country and track and field, one in basketball ), won 57 championships in the Southwest Conference and 48 SEC championships, and played in 22 bowl games."

Congrats, Mr. Broyles. The first Jägerbomb is on us.