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Checking in on Houston Nutt

What's everyone's favorite ex-Razorback coach up to these days over in Oxford? Well, according to this glowing profile in the Laurel (MS) Leader-Call, he's certainly taking the locals by storm. Here's the money quote:

If you meet Nutt, you will be impressed even if you are not a Rebel fan. He is an excellent people person who is a great communicator. His passion for what he does comes out very quickly. He has that look in his eye that draws you in. The look speaks outwardly that he cares about what he is selling. In this case, Ole Miss football was the sales pitch to these eager takers. When he spoke to the Rebels fans in attendance in a one-on-one meeting during the night, they all came away with these thoughts: Nutt is a genuine and a very likeable down-to-earth person with a special passion for what he does.

Also, it's nice to see that he was able to stay true to his unique fashion sense by finding a goofy straw hat with the Ole Miss logo on it:

photo courtesy of the University of Mississippi