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Sifting Through the Post-Draft Leftovers

As America's favorite non-sporting sporting event, the NFL Draft certainly receives a lot of coverage. And, with six players drafted the Hogs were a major factor this year. Here are some links I've been saving up:

* Probably the best thing I read after the draft was this interview with Felix Jones. He landed in a great situation and sounds incredibly excited about it...he refers to it as "a dream come true" three times in a short span. Here's a good quote on how he happy he is to be a Cowboy:
It will be an honor. I know that for sure. That star represents a lot. That is something I am going to wear and play my best and I am just happy now that I am getting a chance to put it on. This is a dream come true for me.

* Of course, there are always naysayers and Arkansas Sports 360 reminds us that some folks in Dallas aren't too happy about Felix being their first round draft pick. (editor's note: Why??)

* On the flip side of that argument, SI's Don Banks has the full story on why Jerry Jones went with Felix and ESPN's John Clayton praises the choice.

* Surely you've been wondering what Warren Sapp thinks about D-Mac going to the Raiders. Well, wonder no more...according to this interview with Michael Silver, he wholeheartedly approves, calling the match "a perfect fit".

* More from Don Banks: he pegs the McFadden vs Bush vs Fargas running back situation in Oakland as one of the top training camp battles to watch.

* Several undrafted Razorbacks were invited to various training camps. Tom Murphy has the latest on Robert Felton, Michael Grant, Matteral Richardson, Weston Dacus and more.

* What does Wally think about all this? Here's his breakdown of the draft.