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The Straight Talk Express

Courtesy of Max Brantley's Arkansas Blog, we came across this Sports Illustrated article about Darren McFadden's efforts to address the concerns NFL franchises have about his off-field issues, such as his involvement in two bar fights. D-Mac's strategy in short: straight talk.

We'll highlight the same passage that Brantley did:

"Deserved or not, McFadden had an image problem. His team of advisers -- including former Olympic track star Mike Conley Sr. (marketing), Ian Greengross (contracts), Mike Vick (financial planning; no relation to the quarterback of the same name) and Frank Shaw and David Cornwell (legal counsel) -- decided to confront it head-on. They told McFadden to be open and honest in interviews with teams and media. Does he have a brother who used to be a Crip? Yes. And another who was a Blood. One brother is in prison for a drug-related offense, and another served five years for possession of crack with intent to distribute. McFadden spoke frankly as well about paternity questions he has faced recently and said he would accept responsibility for two children who may be his."

Sounds like a good plan: When a string of bar brawls and paternity suits threatened to sully the Expat name a few years back, we rehabbed our image by following much the same strategy.