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Sunday Hodge Podge

(AP Photo/Beth Hall)

* Bye-Bye Beverley? - That's the jarring headline of Brandon Marcello's latest Slophouse blog entry. According to the post, Patrick has been making some comments on his Facebook page that could lead some to believe that he won't be with the Hogs next season, including "I'm leaving." Apparently, though, the page doesn't make it clear exactly what he will be leaving. But ... Marcello says he ran into Patrick at this weekend's Real Deal on the Hill AAU Tournament, and Beverley wouldn't comment on the matter. That doesn't sound good.

* More Hoops News: Pelphrey continues to add to his 2008 recruiting class by inking 6-7 forward John Henry, who played high school ball in West Memphis and spent last season at Cincinnati Harmony Prep School. And, scroll down about halfway through this story, and you'll see that the Hogs could also add 6-5 shooting guard Nick Williams of Mobile, Ala., this week. He might come in extra handy if indeed Patrick decides to take his act elsewhere.

D-Mac/NFL Combine

* Draft Talk: Next Saturday marks the arrival of what I find to be the sporting world's most obnoxious event: the NFL Draft. I usually avoid this like the plague. This year, however, there are two obvious reasons to tune in: McFadden and Jones, and I'm sure that a hefty percentage of this week's postings will deal with speculation concerning the two. Here's some material that's sure to be a conversation starter: Fox NFL Analyst Brian Baldinger is no fan of D-Mac:

"I think he's the colossal bust in this draft. He doesn't run with patience. He's a very incomplete back who tries to run you over. If he gets a crease, he can take it to the house. But he doesn't break tackles and he fumbles. I'm not impressed."

And add this unnamed scout to the list of those not overly enamored with No. 5:

"I can't believe how skinny his calves and his shins are. It's almost scary. It's like a skinny wide receiver. At the running back position, you want a guy who's a little wider on his base. is built on top, but he's got a very skinny base. I think that's a little bit of a concern."

* Practice Makes Perfect - To stay on top of the football team's spring practice, be sure to check out the Razorbloggers' top-notch and highly detailed daily reports.

* I'm in Charge Here - Houston Nutt is back to doing what many Razorback fans think he does worst: calling plays.