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Final Four Follow-Up

I've been enjoying the commentary following my recent post about who not to root for in the Final Four. To answer commenter Chris Iafolla's question, in the end, I had to go with Memphis. As I texted Stephen (we Expats are oh-so-modern in our communication methods), I never would have believed this 10-15 years ago but in the end I had to go with Memphis.

My reasons were pretty much the same as Stephen's: lots of affection for the city from the years we lived there as well as general admiration/fear of Justin Baker's technical abilities.

I'm currently visiting family in Southern California and my (at least temporary) Memphis fandom was confirmed when I picked up the newspaper today and read all the obnoxious local sports columnists in the LA Times. You could tell they were shocked that a team from a backwater (in their minds) like Memphis would so thoroughly dominate their mighty Bruins. That brought back all sorts of memories of the "no respect" days, when the national media constantly criticized Nolan's whining - how could a team ranked #1 most of the season be disrespected, they thought - but anyone from Arkansas understood his point.

Anyway, now I'm really digressing. Here's hoping the Tigers finish what they started, and may the Hogs challenge them at that level soon.

(P.S. If Kansas wins, I won't really be that sad. I'd take them or Memphis over UCLA or UNC any day.)