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Final Four Dilemma

This year's Final Four features the consensus best four teams in all of the land, so it should be a highly competitive and entertaining weekend of basketball. However, as Stephen already noted Kansas, Memphis, North Carolina and UCLA each have NCAA tournament histories with Arkansas, and I'm having a very difficult time deciding who to root for. In fact, it's much easier for me to decide who to root against, so allow me to put on my hater hat for a minute and elaborate:

Kansas: I probably have the fewest tangible reasons to root against the Jayhawks, yet I can't think of a good reason to root for them either. They just don't inspire much passion either way, which might be the worst thing of all. Plus, I think their fans need to grow up and get over the whole Roy Williams thing.

Memphis: When Stephen and I lived in the Bluff City back in the mid-90s we literally almost came to basketball-related blows with some friends who happened to be Tigers fans. We've all grown up since then, thankfully, but I still can't bring myself to actively root for Memphis. Also, to be quite frank, John Calipari just seems like kind of a dick.

North Carolina: It might be their baby blue uniforms, the years of constant hype or the fact that they're just so damn good, but to me UNC ranks only slightly ahead of Duke on the likability scale...both teams come across as arrogant, annoying, elitist ACC snobs. Sorry, but I'm sick of the Tar Heels.

UCLA: Ever since a certain fateful day in April 1995, I've fervently rooted against UCLA in any sport and at every available opportunity, and I plan on doing that for the rest of my days. Call me an irrational grudge holder, but hey, I'm a Razorback fan - that's how I roll.

Now that I've exposed the darker and more malevolent side of my sports fandom, it's your turn to tell us what you think. Who are you guys rooting for? Rooting against? What's a Razorback fan to do?