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Tuesday Hodge Podge

* What was your favorite moment of the Nate Rakestraw era?

* has a good look at the incoming Hog roundballers.

* For those interested - and we personally think that slam-dunk contests are now about as exciting as the Pro Bowl - Sonny Weems will participate in one on Thursday in San Antonio.

* From the kinda, sort-of Razorback-related news file : Eddie Sutton's son Sean has resigned at OSU. Might we recommend as a replacement another son of a Razorback coaching legend? We hear he's looking for work, and he might bring a needed dose of tough love.

* Brandon Marcello of The Slophouse has a good collection of articles about Bobby Petrino's recent press conference as well as some audio files from the event.

* Finally, in honor of the April's Fools Day that is about to pass, you should check out today's Penthouse/Outhouse over at