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Pel's Post-Mortem

Head on over to the top-notch for a partial transcript of John Pelphrey's Thursday afternoon post-mortem on the 2007-08 season. He makes some very interesting comments, both about the just-completed season and the incoming recruiting class.

Here are some quotes I was struck by:

* "We’re losing 70 percent of our scoring, 63 percent of our rebounding and 63 percent of our assists. That means we have 30 percent of our scoring, 37 percent of our rebounding and 37 percent of our assists back."

* This remark about Patrick Beverley is kind of funny, mainly because it sounds like Pelphrey is doing a Donald Rumsfeld impersonation by asking himself questions and then answering them: "Can his scoring go up, it could. Can it go down, it could. He needs to have a great summer and continue to grow. He needs to become better at reading the pick and roll, jump shooting and off the bounce. He also needs to improve his leadership on and off the court."

* Pelphrey doesn't sound like the biggest Stefan Welsh fan: "He made progress at the end of the year. His attitude got better. If you look at the games we won, he had a hand in it. He played well for maybe the last month of the season."