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Wednesday Hodge Podge

* Overall, you'd have to say that Wally's column from today wasn't too bad, particularly by his standards. Still, get a load of this groaner: "[Stan Heath's] sideline de-meanor bothered a lot of the fans because he seemed docile. Pelphrey is quite different. The more mistakes the players make, mental or physical, demeanor he got."

* John Brummett gets all huffy about Arkansans booing the Texas Longhorns in Alltel Arena this past weekend, and's Jim Harris, who recently stopped by this site for a visit, says that Brummett could use some history lessons.

* For the "Sun Rises in the East" file: A Razorback football player has a brush with the law.

* For the "Good News" file: Marcus Monk appears to have improved his draft stock.

* Sweet (New) Home Chicago? Bears coach Lovie Smith recently lunched with former Hog running backs Darren McFadden and Felix Jones.

* Quick Programming Note: With the basketball season just completed and the new football season still a few months off, posting may be a bit slower than usual here at - at least for the next few weeks or so, as we take a little time to pause and catch our breath. But, we have an active spring and summer planned - with the unveiling of the RazorbackExpats Hall of Fame and more Q&A's with various Hog heroes on the schedule - so check back often.