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Everybody Loves John

The downside of hiring a hard-ass, threaten-to-cancel-Christmas type of coach like John Pelphrey is that his tough ways might run the players off, right? Not exactly. Here's what Sonny Weems had to say after the UNC game:

"He brought a lot from the stance of coaching and disciplining us. I think the guys on this team really found a coach that they can put their trust in and listen to. He will never steer you wrong. He will always tell you the truth. We learned a lot from him. Speaking for the players on the team, we love him and his coaching staff to death. I wouldn’t trade any other coach for him."

And Darian Townes:

"I love John Pelphrey. He helped me and showed me a lot of what's going to happen in the real world. It's about ready to happen for me and Sonny and the rest of the seniors."

Guess there's more than one way to be a player's coach.