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The End of an Era

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Well, that was ugly (but not at all unexpected). I was hoping for a build-on-it-for-next-year type of moral victory like the 1993 loss to the Tar Heels, but any hopes for that vanished about two minutes into the game. Sadly, today proves the point that this year's team, especially when the Good Hogs version doesn't show up, simply can't hang with the big boys. In other words, the Bad Hogs might keep it close for a still pretty dismal loss against Alabama, but anything less than their A-game against an A-list team equals getting doubled up by halftime.

But, enough about the UNC game. With six seniors leaving, this is one of those true end of an era moments. I'm sure Stephen and I will have more to say about this over the coming days (we'll certainly be in need of the material...sorry baseball fans, but for us today officially begins a Razorback sports Dead Zone of about four months), but for now, what do you guys think? How will this senior class be remembered? And what does the future hold?

As always, we look forward to what you have to say.