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Ok, This is Some Really Funny Stuff

This week Stephen and I have been so focused on publishing tournament analyses from our witty and wise contributors and doing Q&A's with former basketball stars that we've barely had time to think about the fact that there's an entire NCAA sub-regional taking place in (North) Little Rock this weekend. That's pretty damn cool.

Of course, hosting such a big event tends to bring out the best in the local media. In his column today, Wally Hall unleashes an all-time gem that includes a variety of goofy tourist tips plus a lament that the games are going to be played on Good Friday and Easter. I was all set to do a Wally Watch on the subject when I noticed that Tre Baker over at Arkansas Sports 360 had already taken care of that for me (with savage effectiveness, I might add). It's laugh-out-loud hilarious, so definitely check it out.

Tre also continues his hot streak for the day by providing his own alternate suggestions for things fans of each team can do while in town. His advice to Mississippi State fans is classic:

"Starkville fans, prepare to be amazed. Spread out across the metropolis are eating places called "McDonald's". You'll be fascinated by the technology used to fulfill your gastrological indulgences: Watch as they make your hamburger from INSIDE the building. Listen as the French fry machine plays "Oye Como Va". You won't find sweet tea here, but you will be able to observe technology dispense your drink using an electronic pump device. Rest rooms are indoors as well, complete with running water."

There's plenty of other great stuff in the post, including some old-fashioned Texas bashing, although I have to raise a good-natured protest about his description of my adopted hometown, Oakland (it's actually a nice place!). That minor grievance aside, both articles are highly recommended. Read and enjoy!