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We Want Some of What He's Been Smoking

Perhaps it is time that the Southeastern Conference begin drug testing its coaches. Consider the remarks of Kentucky's Billy Gillispie. According to's Jim Harris, Gillispie said during a media conference call yesterday that he believes that the Hogs are capable of winning the national championship.

"I think Arkansas is a team that can win six games in a row and [coach] John [Pelphrey] has done a great job with them," Gillispie said. "They've got six seniors. They have great players inside with great depth inside. They have guards who are capable. On certain days, they have the ability to shoot very well. They can shoot the ball."

"If they get on a roll, they can beat anyone," he added. "As a team that obviously earned their way in the tournament, just like everyone else they have difficult matchups awaiting them."

Actually, we're more inclined to attribute Gillispie's comments to conference boosterism and the reluctance of most coaches to ever say anything but the most positive things about other teams. Still, maybe it's time for the local authorities to see if Billy's been attending any Pink Floyd laser light shows.

• In other news from, John Brady is the new coach of the ASU Indians Red Wolves. Objectively speaking, that's probably a good hire for ASU and definitely one that will bring the Jonesboro school some national exposure. But Brady is one of our all-time least favorite SEC coaches. He was disagreeable enough to make the normally placid Stan Heath mad at him, for crying out loud. We're still kind of disappointed that Nolan didn't wind up with the gig.