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What They're Saying

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With the NCAA Tournament brackets unveiled last evening, there is no shortage of analyzing and prognosticating going on. Throughout the week, our analysts will work to keep you as updated as possible with what the media folk are saying about the Hogs and their tournament draw.


Check under the "Home Cooking" subhead of his East Regional breakdown, and you'll find that's Luke Winn appears to predict that the Hogs will beat Indiana and then lose to UNC. (You should also check out his "Breaking Down Arkansas" blog entry from Sunday to see some very detailed "X's and O's" analysis of the Hogs' offensive sets during their victory over the Vols.)

• The saintly Bob McClellan of says the Hogs will beat Indiana; the evil Mike Huguenin, also of says they won't.

In his East Region breakdown, Gregg Doyel of CBS' writes, under his "Five Random Notes" subhead, that "Indiana's Dan Dakich will find a way to beat Arkansas in the first round, giving him another crack at North Carolina in the NCAA tournament. The last time that happened, he was shutting down Michael Jordan in the 1984 Sweet 16."

• Click here for's summary of the Hogs (there are some things to quibble with, we think). The site's Jeff Goodman previews the East Region and, while he doesn't offer predictions, he labels the Arkansas-Indiana duel the region's best first-round match-up and also says that Indiana is the most underrated team in the region. Great.

• Blogger and big-time Florida Gator fan Dan Shanoff, in a piece for the Wall Street Journal, picks the Hogs to beat Indiana and then lost to UNC.