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An Unusual Request

Greetings Razorback Expats readers. Hopefully by now you've seen the truly excellent series of posts about the 1978 Razorback basketball team that were meticulously researched and written by our contributor Whit E. Knight. (If not, you can check them out here: part 1, part 2, part 3)

The unusual request referred to in the title of this post is that we'd like to ask your help in spreading the word about these posts. We hope this doesn't come across as crass or overly self-promoting, but we think Whit's posts are so good and so interesting that Hog fans who don't usually stumble across this corner of the Web (and let's be realistic...that's most of them) would really enjoy reading them. Specifically, if you happen to frequent any of the various Razorback message boards (we don't), perhaps you could put up a quick link?

We promise not to do this often, but in this case definitely appreciate your help in spreading the word about Whit's work. Thanks!

Now back to our regularly scheduled ranting about the current state of Razorback basketball...