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Saturday Hodge Podge

* It's Senior Day for Vincent Hunter, Charles Thomas, Sonny Weems, Steven Hill, Darian Townes and Gary Ervin. What would you say is this group's most memorable moment? It's kind of strange to say this about a group that is in halfway decent shape for a third consecutive trip to the NCAA, but they haven't produced an abundance of good memories. I'd vote for the come-from-way-behind upset of Tennessee, then ranked in the Top 10, in Knoxville two years ago.

* Nolan and ASU continue to flirt. According to the linked article, Nolan had this to say about Jonesboro: "It’s very progressive looking ..." Apparently, he didn't try to buy a drink while he was in town.

* John Moriello of takes on Darren McFadden. (courtesy of

* Did you spend last night tossing and turning, repeatedly waking up drenched in night sweat, as you fretted about the Hogs' chances of making the NCAA? Brandon Marcello of The Slophouse has the latest projections covered for you.

* That 'ole hatin' feeling: Looks like the renewal of the Razorback-Texas A&M football series is pretty much a done deal.

Enjoy today's game. Let's hope we're still in the NCAA picture when it's over.