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Wally Watch: More Wallyisms

Wally Watch

Wally Watch: Where we read Wally Hall so you don't have to.

Our Deep Throat recently sent us more entries from his collection of Wallyisms - those wonderfully bizarre and/or poorly constructed sentences that could only emanate from the keyboard of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's lead sports columnist. (For some other gems from Deep Throat's collection, click here and here.) We're nearing the end of a decidedly blah season of Razorback basketball, so we figured we could all use a good chuckle or two. Enjoy:

10/29/1999: [On the opening of Alltel Arena:] Pride filled every organ.

4/5/2006: Someday, when the NBA dumps millions on him and the adoring fans of a team thrust him on a pedal, [Joakim] Noah may become a prima donna.

2/22/2008: Another thing that would help and could be a huge factor Saturday as well as his prospects in the pros: Sonny Weems need to stick that midrange jumper.

2/24/2008: There were calls made later than a departure at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on a rainy day, and there was at least one makeup call and definitely several fouls by the Kentucky Wildcats that were ignored like sugar-free lemonade.

3/4/2008: There is some snow on the roof, but the basketball burning is back in the belly. Nolan Richardson addressed the Downtown Tip-Off Club on Monday, and while there was a little more pepper in his previously all white hair, there was even more spice in his energetic, enthusiastic and entertaining talk.

3/4/2008: Now that Richardson has openly admitted he's ready to return to coaching, there has been enough time passed since his lawsuit that other schools might be interested in him.