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Tuesday Hodge Podge

Links to enjoy while you're pondering the NCAA Selection Committee tea leaves:

* Careful readers of this blog will know that I'm mildly obsessed with the 1994 basketball team. So, I greatly enjoyed this Morning News article about the detente between the team (i.e., Nolan) and the school. (Thanks to commenter First Floor New Dorm for the tip on this.)

* Continuing the theme, I also enjoyed this article in Little Rock Family about Corliss' post-NBA home life. I now await the restraining order from Corliss' attorney.

* While writing about the heart-stopping ending to last weekend's Vandy game, Jim Harris laments that nobody remembers Lawrence Moten's erroneous timeout at the end of the 1995 Arkansas-Syracuse game. Don't worry Jim - if you ever want to talk old-school bball moments I still recall that one like it was yesterday, and I'm quite sure that my fellow expat Stephen does too.

* Remember the name of new basketball recruit Aaron'll certainly need a good memory, because the 6'7" guard/forward won't be suiting up for the Hogs until 2011. That's right, he's only 15 years old. I hear his game his good, but he needs to work on his driving.

* Perhaps Nolan Richardson reads seems that he's actually talking to A-State about their open coaching position.