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Same Ole, Same Ole

Before tonight's game, I just knew the Hogs were going to win. I felt it in my bones. The Hogs have been mighty frustrating these last few years, but this late-season/conference-tournament portion of the calendar has been their time of year, and I believed another spring win streak was at hand.

Well, after ESPN interrupted its wall-to-wall boot-licking coverage of Brett Favre's retirement to show us the game, I'm reconsidering my lifelong dream of opening a psychic hotline. What was I thinking? This was the Razorbacks on the road, after all.

I guess I thought the presence of assistant coach Rob Evans on the Arkansas sideline would reverse the curse he put on the Hogs as Ole Miss coach, the one that has made them lose all but one of their games in Oxford since the start of the 1996-97 season. Or maybe I just put too much stock in Saturday's rousing win over Vanderbilt.

Whatever the cause of my delusion, I'm now left with the queasy feeling that the Hogs will be on the outside looking in when Selection Sunday rolls around.

Interested to hear your thoughts. Keep them civil.