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Let's Discuss Happier Times

I think we can all agree that it's time for a break from the current unpleasantness of Razorback basketball, so with that in mind let's discuss a more appealing subject: which ex-Hogs should have their numbers retired and jerseys hung from the rafters at Bud Walton? (This topic comes directly from Arkansas Sports 360, which has a good article asking why Arkansas doesn't retire basketball numbers, so definitely check that out for your background research.)

As a starting point, here's a very hastily put-together and poorly researched list of possible candidates...feel free to pick it apart and/or suggest your own version in the comments section.

In rough chronological order:

Sidney Moncrief
Ron Brewer
Marvin Delph
Darrell Walker
Alvin Robertson
Joe Kleine
Eddie Sutton
Todd Day
Lee Mayberry
Corliss Williamson
Scotty Thurman
Corey Beck
Nolan Richardson

This doesn't include the larger-than-lifesize statue of Dwight Stewart that we're recommending be placed outside the entrance of Bud Walton. That one is such a no-brainer it's almost not worth mentioning here.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts...