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It's a Big Weekend for John Pelphrey

Young Pelphrey

courtesy of Wesley Hitt/Arkansas

Something tells me that when John Pelphrey was hired as the Arkansas basketball coach last spring, he quickly circled February 23, 2008 on his calendar. That, of course, is the day he leads the Hogs into Rupp Arena, where his own jersey hangs from the rafters to honor his accomplishments as part of the celebrated "Unforgettables".

Today the Slophouse blog quotes Pelphrey as saying about his alma mater, "I didn’t even notice they were up next," but I have a feeling that the usual straight-shooting coach isn't giving us the full truth this time. And who could blame him? Not only does the game have major significance for the Hogs' postseason hopes, but it will surely be an emotional day for him on a personal level as well.

Here's hoping that the Hogs produce a similar result to Pelphrey's other personally significant game this season - their resounding win over his mentor Billy Donovan's Florida team. At any rate, the Kentucky game is always a big deal but this should be a particularly fun one.