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Wally Watch: Return of the Wallyisms

Wally Watch

Wally Watch: Where we read Wally Hall so you don't have to.

While most of you undoubtedly were kicking off the holiday weekend last night by toasting Franklin Pierce and Millard Fillmore, we met in an underground parking garage with our Deep Throat, who handed over a new collection of Wallyisms. He also noted that our Monday post failed to list some gems contained in the first batch that he gave us; we have published those omissions below. (We don't quite know what to make of this, but, as our meeting ended, he tossed his cigarette on the pavement, ground it out with his leather shoe and warned, "Everyone's life is in danger.") Without further ado:

6/18/2006: Taylor, who relied heavily on a great counterpunch for most of his scoring, was more aggressive in the middle of the ring and he beat the living hell out of Wright's gloves, which the crowd thought was scoring hits, but they are not.

6/21/2006: The sports department of this newspaper is looking for the 18 hardest holes in the state. The hole you get a heaviness in your neck when you think about it.

2/15/2008: That day the temperature was 117 degrees outside, a dry heat, but then so is a microwave oven.

2/15/2008: It was again suggested Taylor might want to reconsider Steward, especially after he struggled against Cory Spinks, on a night when Kelly Pavlik knocked out Edison Miranda and Steward later claimed he had wanted Taylor to fight Miranda, who has a powerful punch and a glass jaw.