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The Way We Were

I recently came across these photos of a nine-year-old, bowl-cutted me taken at a Razorback autograph session and, needless to say, got a good laugh out of them. The pictures were taken in the summer of 1982 in downtown Little Rock. The photo in the upper left corner is me with, of course, then-Coach Eddie Sutton (my frownish look is because I was embarrassed that my dad was taking our picture). The upper right shot shows Alvin Robertson signing an autograph for me, and the bottom left photo is me with Darrell Walker (my dad had asked Darrell to put his arm around me, and he doesn't appear to be too thrilled to comply). Finally, the bottom right shot is of Sidney Moncrief, by then one of the best players in the NBA. One of my favorite things about these pictures: Alvin's collared camouflage shirt. The autographs are after the jump.

Stephen and Eddie SuttonStephen and Alvin Robertson

Stephen and Darrell WalkerStephen and Sidney Moncrief


Razorback Autographs