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Notes from the Court: Grandma Susan on the Front Lines

AP Photo/Beth Hall

Grandma Susan is a NW Arkansas grandmother and long-time Hog fan who, for years, has kept friends and family entertained with her insightful and witty reports on college sports in general and the Razorbacks in particular (note: she's not related to either of the Expats). When we found out that she had tickets to Saturday's 80-61 rout of the Florida Gators, we asked her to share her observations and she was kind enough to deliver:

Dateline: Fayetteville, Feb. 2

Aggressive. Energetic. Physical. Noisy. Vigorous. Alert. Fast-break. Defense. Dominating. Assists. Steals. Joy. Final score: Hogs 80, Gators 61.

Saturday in Fayetteville was beautiful. Temperature in the 60s, Bud Walton Arena full, Hogs on fire. The crowd was on its feet most of the game, roaring its approval of the team and teamwork that was causing the 20th ranked team in the country to look like a bunch of pretty good high school players.

The Razorbacks shot 54 % from the floor and made 10 of 13 free throws. This was great, but what made the day so exciting and terrific fun for the fans was the fast-paced physical defense. Whew! I can't remember a game I have attended in the last several years when I didn't yawn once, my mind never wandered, and I ended up with a sore throat from calling the Hogs. The ball-handling was something to see and marvel over.

I think John Pelphrey has finally got these kids' attention. He has made it clear he won't tolerate anything less than full attention and effort from anyone. Nineteen assists and only 14 turnovers showed that this group of kids is finally able to play as a team, not as lone rangers. This is the second game in a row that the boys have stepped up to the challenge; hardly what I would call a streak, but perhaps it is a harbinger of great things on the horizon.

In the meantime......I'm calling the Hawgs with feeling and hope once again!