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Monday Hodge Podge

Tough Love: Charles Thomas was suspended indefinitely today. Pelphrey isn't saying why, but, according to Chris Bahn's article on, the coach said of Thomas, "As a head coach, I've never been more disappointed in a young man's choices."

Patrick Beverley at LSU

Cause for Optimism: I didn't get to see Saturday's game, but it sounds like a nice, solid win. I know, I know: LSU is no great shakes, but given this team's recent history, any road win is a cause for celebration; a double-digit, never-really-in-doubt road win is cause for a ticker-tape parade.

Special mention goes to Sonny Weems, who drained all five of his three-point shots while notching a team-high 21 points, and Patrick Beverley, who continued his Dean Tolson/Nicky Davis/Dennis Rodman impersonation by hauling in 15 rebounds. 15! The 6-1 guard has now posted double-digit rebound totals in three of his last four games. His offensive game has shown definite signs of a sophomore slump, but make no mistake: this guy is a special player.

Overall, we'd say that the LSU win was impressive enough that perhaps Pelphrey should consider making those 1:30 a.m. Sunday practices a weekly event.

Future Hogs: Three recruits made oral commitments over the weekend to play for the Hogs and Bobby Petrino. Somewhere, Sean Salisbury must be fuming.