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Just Resign, Baby

In an odd footnote to the Lane Kiffin-to-Arkansas rumors from the Great Football Coaching Search of 2007, it seems that Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis is asking Kiffin to resign. Only thing is, Kiffin won't do it (this really seems like a George Constanza situation).

From a Razorback perspective, the real shame is that Kiffin isn't a defensive coach. After all, he's known to have at least a modicum of interest in the school, and from what I hear we could use someone to lead that side of the ball.

In other Oakland/Arkansas news, the Raiders seem like at least a somewhat realistic destination for McFadden. For the record, all Hog fans should hope that this doesn't happen...that franchise is a disaster. If any team could mess up D-Mac's potential for NFL success it would be the Raiders, so keep your fingers crossed on his behalf.