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Where in the World is Eugene Nash?

Wanted: Eugene NashAs Stephen so eloquently explained in a recent post, the Razorback Expats organization has always had a particular fascination with basketball walk-ons...those unsung heroes who would dominate mere mortals in a pickup game, yet ride the pine while the big names do battle on the court.

In the pantheon of Razorback walk-ons, no star shines brighter than that of Eugene Nash, that legendary crowd favorite from the mid-Eddie Sutton era. However, his tale has largely been lost to history...a sad state of affairs that we are now seeking to correct.

So, if you know Eugene Nash, have information about his whereabouts or, best of all, actually are Eugene Nash, please contact us at razorbackexpats at yahoo dot com. We would very much like to track him down and conduct an informal interview to share his story with the world (and give us the chance to chat with one of our favorite ex-Hogs).