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Bad Memories

G. Paul Burnett/The New York Times

It's January, the basketball team is driving everyone crazy, and Darren and Felix are gone. Perhaps you've come to this post looking for something to lift your spirits.

Keep looking.

With it being a slow news day and all, I thought I'd throw this out for discussion: What do you consider to be the most painful Razorback basketball loss?

Although Hog hoops has definitely produced its fair share of heartache, for me the answer is pretty easy: the loss to UCLA in the 1995 NCAA championship game. I so desperately wanted those Hogs to carve out a place in history by winning back-to-back national titles. And after a tournament full of heart-stopping finishes, close calls and plain 'ole good luck, I was nearly convinced the Razorbacks would complete their quest to repeat when they took the court against the Bruins. Instead, they got beat pretty soundly as Corliss and Scotty both played miserably. (That night launched my intense dislike of Jim Harrick, which proved to be well-founded as the years went by. I watched his demise at Georgia with something close to glee.)

Add in the fact that the defeat marked the end of the most glorious era in Razorback basketball, and surely you can see why I've tried to block this game from my memory.

If only I had succeeded.