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Thursday Hodge Podge

Razorback news from around the web to help distract you from certain underachieving basketball teams:

* Looking for more behind-the-scenes info about the Hogs' coaching search drama last month? reports that if not for one inspired performance by the New Orleans Saints we'd likely be discussing the possibilities of the Will Muschamp era at Arkansas.

* The football schedule for next year is out and it looks a little, well, challenging. I hope Bobby Petrino knew about this before signing on...otherwise he might be on the phone with his agent right now.

* News that probably did not make John Pelphrey's day: prized point guard recruit Terrance Joyner is going to look at other schools while the NCAA reviews his academic standing (scroll down to the bottom of that article for details).

* Ryan Mallett officially becomes a Razorback and is greeted with a wet dorm room.

* In what surely won't be the last mock draft we see between now and April, ESPN's Todd McShay says D-Mac is the top talent in the draft, but has him going 4th to the Oakland Raiders. Felix is nowhere to be found in the first round, although McShay does say he's a possibility for the New York Giants at pick #26.

* Lastly, because they apparently haven't run this story quite far enough into the ground, ESPN once again takes the trouble to remind everone (especially recruits...thanks guys) that Bobby Petrino is the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD. EVER!