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An Imperfect Perfect Start to SEC Play

Gary Ervin vs. Alabama, 1-13-08

Well, it was another wobbly win, but as was the case on Thursday, we'll take it. For the first time in six years, the Hogs are 2-0 in SEC play. (Perhaps that's not a great omen: after winning their first two conference games, the 2002 Razorbacks ended SEC play with a 6-10 record and Nolan got fired.)

And as was also the case with Thursday's victory, you get the sense that Sunday's win was the kind of game the Hogs of the preceding several seasons likely would have lost.

More thoughts to come later, but a quick hats off to Gary Ervin. The often-maligned point guard pretty much saved the Hogs' bacon in overtime, nailing a three-pointer with less than two minutes to play to put Arkansas up by one and then completing an old-fashioned three-point play with less than a minute left to extend the Hogs' lead to 68-64. As sloppy as much of the game was, that was an awfully stirring stretch of basketball.

Also of note: 6-1 Patrick Beverley led all players with 13 rebounds. That's pretty insane.

As alway, please chime in with your observations in the comments section.