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Sing Us a Song D-Mac, You're the Piano Man

Although it doesn't excite us very much, we suppose we should weigh in on D-Mac's most recent run-in with the law (Rule 325, Section IV, Sub-section G of the official Sports Blogger Code of Conduct states that all high-profile legal difficulties must be commented on).

We'll spare you the tsk-tsking about his behavior (it'll most likely be in Wally's column tomorrow, anyway) and focus on a few more interesting things. First, the fact that this altercation took place at a piano bar strikes us as being both bizarre and hilarious...we're having a hard time reconciling the image of an enormous football player and his posse 'scuffling' with the piano bar stereotype of ferns, lounge music and cognac glass tip jar sitting atop the baby grand. Being an expat, we haven't hung out at the RiverMarket much lately, but we're assuming that the Ernie Biggs piano bar is a little more badass than the vision in our head.

Also, as part of their very thorough coverage of the incident, the good folks at Arkansas Sports 360 have dug up D-Mac's MySpace page. Needless to say, it's pretty awesome...the screen shot below captures it in all its tacky glory, but be sure to check it out yourself. How often do you get the opportunity to become 'friends' with a true Arkansas legend?