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Final Four ... Here We Come

OK - maybe not.

That wasn't the most artful win, and at numerous points it was downright ugly. But, I'll take it, I guess. After all, since we'd won one road game in the last 25 years heading into tonight's game (or whatever the stat was), I figure we can't be too choosy yet. Hats off to Patrick Beverley and to Sonny Weems, who for the second straight game really turned it on in the second half.

The funniest moment of the evening for me came when I received a text message in the second half from a dear friend and fellow Hog fan who lives in Memphis and who has one of the driest wits around. His message read, "Gary Ervin is frustrating to watch. And I'm being charitable."

Speaking of Ervin, his clang of a free throw in the waning seconds has to be one of the most massive bricks I've seen since the times when Razorback two-sporter Matt Jones was forced to step up to the charity stripe.

Interested to hear your thoughts in the comments section.