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Too Bad We Don't Play in the Big 10

If we did, maybe it would have been the Hogs rolling over inferior competition en route to a gaudy regular season record and a spot in the mythical national title game (where, it still being a bowl game, we would have been destroyed...naturally). But, the Hogs don't play in the Big 10 so instead it was Ohio State out there getting its butt kicked by LSU.

Our sincere congratulations go to LSU. They're obviously a very tough team, and it's nice to see an SEC school holding that championship trophy. And from a Razorback perspective, the best part about the game is that we can forever remind the Tigers that, despite their lofty poll status, our team proved itself superior when we met head-to-head on the field (here's some priceless evidence).

So LSU fans, enjoy your big win and all the glory that it provides. But before you get too cocky, remember this moment:

Gary Yandell/Arkansas