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Monday, Monday Hodge Podge

Well, well, well: That was a nice win on Saturday. Hopefully, it's an indication of things to come. We should find out soon enough, as SEC play begins Thursday with a nationally televised vist to Auburn. In the meantime, here are some items of interest from 'round the Web:

* says Patrick Beverley is currently the 17th best shooting guard in the nation.

* One of the Razorbloggers files an eyewitness report of Saturday's Baylor game.

* Still stuck on 798: Eddie Sutton has yet to guide San Francisco to a win, and he's already decided that he won't be sticking around the Bay Area after the season ends. Still, he sounds like he's in pretty good spirits and is enjoying one final round of coaching.

* The wrath of Pelphrey: The new coach notched his fourth technical foul in the Baylor victory.

* Nutts About Oxford: The Jackson Clarion-Ledger newspaper has an interesting article on Houston Nutt's move to Ole Miss. Says Houston: "It's been rejuvenating." (Link courtesy of