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What Now, Felix?

AP Photo/Beth Hall

One of the more underrated recent subplots of the ongoing soap opera that is Razorback football is the "will he or won't he" status of Felix Jones and the NFL draft. Although he's spent his Arkansas career in the shadow of that other legendary runner (in the eyes of the national media, at least), it cannot be stressed enough that Felix is REALLY DAMN GOOD in his own right and would probably make some lucky NFL team very happy next year.

Although some reports have him projected as a likely first round pick in April, there are a lot of talented RBs out there (this was the "Year of the Running Back", after all) so perhaps he'd like to spend his senior year in the spotlight where he could rack up gaudy stats in Bobby Petrino's offense and presumably earn himself a few extra million by boosting himself into a better draft position.

All in all, that's a lot to think about for someone who's not even of legal drinking age yet. It's the opinion of this blogger that he'll probably leave early but until we know for sure there's still a little room for hope. At any rate, his deadline to decide is January 15th, so we'll know soon.