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That Wistful Feeling

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Peter Read Miller/SI

I admit it: I wasn't that into the Heisman Trophy presentation that took place on Saturday evening. I was certain that Tim Tebow was going to win the award, and I had made my peace with that. When a friend that I hadn't seen in a good while called and wanted to go grab a beer on Saturday night, I eagerly ditched the Heisman ceremony.

I still held out some glimmer of hope that at some point in the evening, I would receive a text message from John or one of our friends (or Houston Nutt) saying that McFadden had indeed brought home college football's most prestigious individual honor. Unfortunately, as we all know, there was no need for that.

And, I have to say, that's bummed me out more than I thought it would, particularly after reading Rainer Sabin's poignant account of McFadden in the immediate aftermath of the announcement. McFadden's class and graciousness just make me wish even more that he had taken home the trophy.


Adding to my wistfulness - besides the fact that Neil Young's Live at Massey Hall 1971 is currently playing on my iPod - is the realization that the McFadden era is basically over. Sure, we hopefully have a hell of a performance waiting for us in the Cotton Bowl, but after that, he's gone. And whomever Jeff Long & Co. finally persuade to become the head coach, we're likely in for a couple of rough years, at least, of Hog football.

Despite the ups and downs of the last three years, McFadden made every Razorback game "Must See TV;" the chance was strong that you were going to see something unforgettable. Thanks for the memories, Darren; don't forget us when you're playing on Sundays.