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Sunday Afternoon Hodge Podge

With the basketball Hogs on their exam break, McFadden finishing as the runner-up in the Heisman race again, and the coaching search about to enter its second week, it's kind of a blah Sunday in Razorback land. To help you get through the day, our staff has scoured the Internet and found these items of interest:

* For exhaustive coverage of McFadden's trip to New York for last night's Heisman announcement, you should check out Rainer Sabin's fine work at The Slophouse Blog.

* The football coaching search continues its eerie resemblance to last spring's search for a new basketball coach: the UA has now hired a consulting firm to help out. The university probably should have hired one the day Nutt "resigned." FWIW, Wally approves of the move.

* Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times takes on Chancellor White.

* "Don't You Know It's Gonna Be Alright?": Jim Harris of says the football program may just turn out to be OK.

* Finally, Harry King of The Morning News notes that Arkansas is one of three SEC teams that are underdogs in their upcoming bowl appearances. Now, where would anyone get the idea that Arkansas might not win its bowl game?