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Rocky Widner - NBAE/Getty Images

Current events in Razorback sports have been, well, a little on the dramatic side over the past year, so to be honest I hadn't thought much about Ronnie Brewer lately. But, he's been doing well for himself in the NBA with the Utah Jazz...Ian Thomsen of even called Brewer out as the most improved player in the NBA so far this year.

Thomsen quotes Jazz coach Jerry Sloan, a notoriously tough guy, as saying:

"Ronnie worked very hard in the summer and he deserves the credit for his improvement. He came in, he wanted the job, he was working very hard, he was very diligent. And it's amazing how that works if you feel like you've been mistreated -- and he probably felt that way a little bit last year, because he was a young player and he didn't understand. But the bottom line was he knew he had to work, and he did the work."

The Jazz are one of the best teams in the NBA this year. Not too shabby.