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Arkansas Has a Coach!

No, not the Arkansas Razorbacks. I'm talking about the new Arkansas Impact of the Premier Basketball League; the todd dayteam has inked former Hog star Todd Day to be its head coach. Jim Harris of has the story. Todd never struck me as the coaching type, but I guess (or hope) he's matured from his Arkansas and NBA days.

According to the piece, the Impact will begin its season in January and will play its home games in the lovely crowd magnet that is Little Rock's Barton Coliseum. The article also says that Day mentions former Razorbacks Kareem Reid, Brandon Dean and - here's a total blast from the past - Roosevelt Wallace as possible players. I guess Wallace will come in handy whenever Todd needs someone to break an opposing player's legs.

Anyhoo, here's wishing Day and the team the best of luck.