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Special Coaching Search Hodge Podge

I just had a breakthrough thought on how to handle the coaching search: structure it as a nationally televised game show called "Who Wants to Coach the Razorbacks?" with Jeff Long as your affable and charming host. Don't could work.

Meanwhile, the search itself has settled into a bit of a post-Tommy T/Tommy B lull. Since we don't have too much insight to add at this point, instead allow us to direct you to some of the latest and greatest coaching search links:

* Arkansas Sports 360 points out that our search is making a lot of other coaches rich...all it takes is the Razorback Foundation's plane to land in town and - boom! - it's time for a fat contract extension. While they're jetting around the country, I wonder if the they would mind stopping by my office?

* Speaking of that, will Wake Forest's Jim Grobe be the next one to hit the Razorback search jackpot? (smart money says yes)

* It's been awhile since I read Revelations, but I seem to recall that this is the 6th sign of the apocalypse: Wally Hall's column today provides an extremely clear-headed and well-reasoned breakdown of the situation and what should happen next. Quibbles about his notorious single sentence paragraphs aside, I basically agree with him 100%. Better start stocking up on canned goods and bottled water, folks...things are getting weird.

* Harry King makes a similar point to Wally about where we should go from here. Another good article.

* If you're like me, you've been wondering what Groucho Marx, Pete Townshend and Abe Lincoln could teach us about the current mess. The Razorbloggers have the answer, along with an insightful assessment of the situation.