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Bringing Home the Heisman

photo by Gary Yandell

As usual, Darren McFadden comes through with some good news whenever a beleaguered fan base needs him the most: he was nominated for the Heisman this afternoon. Needless to say, we at Razorback Expats will be throwing our considerable weight behind his candidacy...given our far-reaching influence he ought to be a shoo-in. Right?

Anyway, he has some serious competition, most likely from Tim Tebow, but from upcoming Cotton Bowl foe Chase Daniel as well. Will D-Mac pull out the victory after finishing 2nd last year? To this slightly biased observer, it seems like a no brainer that the best player in the country (and greatest Razorback footballer ever) should win it, and some wise observers agree. Others are swayed by pretty-boy Tebow's gimmicky (and admittedly gaudy) stats.

The award will be presented this Saturday, so it seems likely that we'll know the answer to this question before we'll have a resolution to that other big question that is plaguing Hog fans these days...