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Give 'Em Hell, Joe

As John can attest, few Razorback figures have amused me more than 1992 interim head coach Joe Kines. The man just seemed like a high school coach from central casting. And I say that with affection: Coming after two years of the zombie-like Jack Crowe, Kines' sometimes over-the-top energy was a refreshing change of pace. And his abundant enthusiasm grew even more appealing after listening to interview after interview with Danny Ford, a man who often appeared to be in need of a Prozac prescription.

Below is an interview conducted with Kines during last year's Independence Bowl, during which he served as interim head coach for Alabama. And after watching the clip, I'm halfway ready to endorse him for Arkansas' open job. But surely we'll be able to find someone the fans would be more excited about ... right?!?

Anyway, enjoy.