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Color Us Not Terribly Excited is reporting that Arkansas AD Jeff Long has interviewed Clemson coach Tommy Bowden, Tulsa co-offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn and Michigan defensive coordinator Ron English for the Razorbacks' head coaching vacancy. Also, Arkansas Sports 360's Jim Harris has a post up about an ESPN report that says the same thing. And this article from the Morning News says Bowden may in fact now be the leading candidate.

Ugh. I plead all kinds of ignorance on the pros and cons of English, but the first two names on the list don't inspire me at all. Nothing wrong with exploring all of your options, but the idea of Malzahn as the head coach leaves me particularly cold, mainly because it would ensure that the blood feud between pro-Nutt and pro-Springdale Razorback fans would continue for awhile. I'm ready to leave that behind.

In other coaching search news, some members of the Alabama press note that Tommy Tuberville hasn't done much to distance himself from rumors of him taking the Razorbacks' job.