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Cat Fight!

This is completely unrelated to the coaching search, but I'm ready to talk about something else while we await word on what Sir Tommy will do.

For a bit of light-hearted diversion, feast your eyes on this footage of Todd Day's "fight" with Larry Johnson in the Hogs' February 1991 loss to UNLV in Fayetteville. For those too young to remember or for those who have understandably erased this game from their memories, UNLV strode into Barnhill Arena that Sunday afternoon as the defending national champions, undefeated and ranked No. 1 in the country. Arkansas, ranked No. 2 and sporting only one loss, was widely thought to be one of the few teams - perhaps the only one - in UNLV's league.

This game showed showed how wrong we all were. After a tight first half, the Rebels absolutely pounded the Razorbacks in the final 20 minutes. Five minutes into the second half, the game was over; only a frenzied garbage-time effort by Ernie Murray, the pride of Wabbaseka, gave the game its deceptive 112-105 final score.

It was in this game that Johnson famously taunted Nolan Richardson by saying, "You need to get you some men, my man!" Nolan decided Johnson was right and went out and signed one Corliss Williamson several months later. I'd say the beating by the Runnin' Rebs was worth it, wouldn't you?

[sorry...they took the video down from YouTube]