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Let's Hope They Didn't Drink the Water

The basketball Razorbacks completed their two-exhibition-game visit to Mexico on Sunday with a nailbiting 71-point victory (108-37) over the Belize National Team. The finale of the Hogs' trip provided quite a contrast with their Saturday game, in which they barely defeated Quintana Roo Pioneros, a Mexican pro team, by the score of 60-57. (Patrick Beverley was suspended for the first game after being late for the team bus.) For detailed coverage of the trip, click here.

One interesting note about Sunday's game was the effort of 6-10 sophomore Michael Washington, who scored 21 points while hitting 7 of 8 field goals and 7 of 10 free throws. Last year, he seemingly came out of nowhere to play a significant role in the Hogs' late-season rally. Granted, Belize wasn't terribly stiff competition, but it's good to see some evidence that Washington's upswing will continue.