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The Time Arkansas' 1991 MayDay Team Beat Laettner and Duke's 1st Title Team

It wasn't mentioned in the documentary, but Arkansas played Duke in the preseason NIT at the beginning of the 1990-91 season and beat them. The Blue Devils played the Hogs in the Final Four earlier that year, but Nolan Richardson and his MayDay crew got them back the next season.

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Calling the Hogs at the Garth Brooks Concert In North Little Rock

Little Rock's having a big ole Garth Brooks weekend right now. He's playing three concerts in town on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I went Thursday and there was no Hog Call. BVC went Friday, and was part of the crowd doing this one.

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Arkansas Releases Hype Video for Missouri Game

Well done.

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Jacorey Williams Alley-Oop Dunk vs SMU Makes SportsCenter Top 10

Williams' dunk off the lob from Jabril Durham checks in at #6. Durham has thrown a lot of great lobs so far this year.

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Arkansas Releases "Do It For The Seniors" Hype Video for the Ole Miss Game

Another great video from UA. Have to respect the inclusion of Garrett Uekman in the list of seniors. Of course, this would have been his senior season.

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Arkansas Basketball 2014-15 Intro Video

Here's the new intro video the Razorbacks will use this season. Not too shabby.

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Arkansas Releases #TakeTheBoot Hype Video For LSU Game

Seize the day! Carpe diem!

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UA Makes Video Commemorating 1999 Tennessee/Arkansas Redemption Game

Thursday is the 15th anniversary of the most important of all the Stoerner-to-Lucas moments Hog fans enjoyed in the late '90s. Stoerner and Lucas both relive the day in the video, as well as moments from Brandon Allen, Barry Lunney Jr, and Frank Broyles in the team meeting room following the game. Where were you? I was a high school senior making a college visit in Clarksville, AR and listened to the end of the game on the radio. Paul Eells' call is also feature in the video.

Arkansas Releases Game of Thrones-Theme Hype Video

Winter is coming, Mississippi State

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Here's Michael Qualls' Putback Dunk To Win The Red-White Game

You can't really see the clock, unfortunately, but there was 0.5 left after he finished.

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Arkansas Releases Sebastian Tretola Video for Heisman Campaign

The Razorbacks are milking this for everything they can get out of it. It is fun. It's well-produced. But to be honest, starting to feel a little like a song that gets played a bit too often. That being said, if it helps land elite linemen, ok.

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Let's Watch Sebastian Tretola's Touchdown Pass For Arkansas

This was beautiful. Jared Lorenzen can pass the torch.

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Arkansas vs Georgia Previewed By SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein

He starts talking Hogs and Dawgs at about the 3:45 mark.

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Bret Bielema Alabama Postgame Press Conference

This is the "emotional" video people are talking about today. Coach Bielema was a bit choked up at the beginning immediately after the game. He also talks about all the issues during the game.

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Here's Paul Finebaum Calling The Hogs

Never thought I'd see this. This is weird. First of all, he's not wearing his glasses, so it looks strange. Secondly, it's kinda half-hearted, and when the Hog Call is done half-heartedly and alone, it always comes off awkward. But his heart's in the right place. Always fun with all the TV people in town.

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Let's All Watch Sam Irwin-Hill's Fake Punt Touchdown for Arkansas

The Razorbacks pulled this out after running an atrocious all-passing drive just before halftime.

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Arkansas vs Texas A&M: SB Nation Video Preview in Easy Call

SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein previews and predicts Hogs vs Aggies while eating something or other in NYC. Hopefully, he won't be as accurate as he was when he picked Arkansas to beat Texas Tech two weeks ago.

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Video of Razorback Band's Military Tribute Haltime Show

This is the best video we've been able to find of the show. It does start a little late into the Air Force formation, which was the first formation, but the sound is pretty good for a raw phone video.

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Dan Skipper's One-Armed Pancake Block vs Texas Tech

via Timothy Carver

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SB Nation Previews Arkansas vs Texas Tech - PREDICTION TIME!

Dan Rubenstein reviews everything you need to know about the Hogs traveling to Lubbock to take on Texas Tech.

Razorbacks Release #RBU Hype Video For Texas Tech

It's a pretty cool video. Enjoy.

Watch Arkansas' New Pregame Intro Video

Now including audio!

New Arkansas Hog Pen Player Entrance Teaser Video

So what do y'all think of the new Pumbaa gate?

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New Malik Monk Mixtape Released

Arkansas' still got more work to do for the class of 2015 before we get to Monk's 2016 class, but since we're all talking basketball recruiting this week anyway...

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SEC Network Opening Segment

Raise your hand if you wept.

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Brandon Allen on Auburn, Receivers, Shoulder Injury, More

Razorback quarterback Brandon Allen interviewed at Arkansas' Media Day on Sunday.

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Nolan Richardson Hall of Fame Speech Video

It's not embeddable, unfortunately, but you can go here to watch Nolan's speech in its entirety, and we completely recommend you do.

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Flip the Script: New Razorback Hype Video

This new hype video has it all. From the Friday Night Lights series music, to the voiceover to the huge plays. This video will get you ready for another year of Arkansas sports.

Will Gragg Talks Recruiting at The Opening

SB Nation's Wescott Eberts caught up with Gragg at the camp in Oregon.

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New SEC Network Arkansas-Themed Promo Video

One summertime storyline that's gotten lost in spring practice and new uniform hoopla, WHEN YOU GETTIN THE SEC NETWORK, COX CABLE? I might have to move somewhere where I can get Uverse come July.

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Video of Razorbacks Celebrating After Beating Kentucky

It's not very long, but this is a pretty cool video of the Hogs celebrating through the Rupp Arena tunnels on their way to the locker room. What joy.

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Is Arkansas Basketball Going To Retire #42 For Bill Clinton?

Looks like Bill Clinton may have let the cat out of the bag a little early on this one. UA has not yet announced any formal plans for a 20th anniversary celebration, but it seems likely that something is in the works, and that something may include retiring a special #42 jersey for Clinton. It's unknown if that's the only jersey they would retire since there are several others that should be cough34cough. With the regular season winding down, there will likely be an announcment sooner rather than later, if this is actually going to materialize at all. (h/t hogdb)


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